NIOtime Special #2: NIO 100 kWh Battery is Here!

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It’s NIO time, 100 kWh Battery is Here!

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How are you doing for the week? So far, we have wonderful stock rally past $40.00, the price target previously called by Morgan Stanley analyst. Bravo for those NIO long investors from our community! Is the EV rally going to cool off in the short term given the market anticipation of earning calls from China electric vehicle manufacturers? We will discuss more on this week's commentary that will be out likely by tomorrow evening or Saturday early morning. Do watch out for our NIOtime #10 issue.

As promised on our Twitter earlier, we are here to cover the highlights from the NIO 100 kWh battery launch event, which just occurred on 2020.11.06 at 13:30 (GMT +8).

At the opening remarks, Mr. Li first acknowledged the recent October vehicle delivery, a notable milestone for China-made premium auto brand to achieve over 5,000 units in a month. A surprising fact Li Bin noted that NIO car's average sales price is higher than expected, which is about 150,000 RMB higher than that of the Tesla model in China. He also mentioned positively that the October order is very promising.

  • 1.158 billion km driving distance by NIO Users

  • 1,183,105 Power Swap up to now

  • Every 18s a NIO vehicle is exchanged battery at Power Swap Station

One thing proud of NIO is that the NIO car design is revolving around three core concepts since the beginning of 2015:

  • Vehicle Battery Separation Concept

  • Battery as a Service (BaaS)

  • Rechargeable, Replaceable, Upgradeable

Here’s an overview of the battery launch milestone for NIO:

  • 70kWh - 2018

  • 84kWh - 2019

  • 100kWh - 2020 December

In summary, the highlights of this live stream for NIO 100kWh Battery are as follows.

1. NIO 100 kWh Battery Design and Specs

The main highlight of NIO 100 kWh Battery Design and Specifications:

  • ES8 NEDC: (2020 version) 580km (360 miles); (2018 version) 500km (310 miles)

  • ES6 NEDC: 610km (379 miles)

  • EC6 NEDC: 615km (382 miles)

All three models’ battery density is at 185.44Wh/kg, with an increase of 20% from the previous battery pack.

100 kWh Battery System Highlights

  • more than 300 patents

  • No heat spreading safety design

  • All-weather temperature control

  • Highly integrated Cell to Pack (CTP)

  • Power cloud-integrated Battery Management Systems (BMS)

3 Battery Key Points from Li Bin on this battery launch

  • Longer range

  • Safer and more reliable

  • Flexible upgrades

Every NIO user can enjoy the benefit of a new battery upgrade option. NIO is only the one car manufacturer to offer this battery upgrade option for all NIO users across all car models.

The notable part of this battery launch is the flexibility to upgrade based on NIO users’ need for battery usage. NIO will offer two types of upgrades: 1) flexible monthly or yearly lease plan and 2) permanent upgrade for non-BaaS models and BaaS models.

One good news that Li Bin mentioned is that the loyal NIO users who believe in NIO will get a 40% discount for the flexible upgrade lease plan. Another point about the expected in-scale delivery of this battery is around early December.

There are more details to elaborate and our commentary on the new battery systems. We try our best to cover and update more when getting more information from the official NIO app. Please do stay tuned as we may update this post for the time being.


It’s NIO time, Blue Sky is here!

Have you heard about the EP Club, and how much do you know more about EP Club, the high-end users club operated by NIO? If you are interested to do more, please do let us know in the comment section. We might do another special issue on EP Club, depending on demand from the NIOtime community.

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In last commentary #9, we mentioned NIO EP Club for the first time in which one of the owners who revealed the upcoming battery event happened today. Wow, Li Bin must treasure the role of EP Club by sharing first-hand news with them. This sparks our interest to dig more about the NIO EP Club, and we have some interesting facts.

Alright, are we going to see a stock rally tomorrow based on this battery launch event? Yes maybe?! Let’s see how mainstream media cover the news. Buckle tight and enjoy the roller coaster ride to Blue Sky Avenue. Cheers and invest safely all.

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